Xverse market place

Create, share, and sell metaverse content in Xverse World.

The major players in XVerse World who participate in various economic activities are generally defined as follows: users, developers, advertisers and H/W makers.

Xverse market place

XMarket Participants

The users are those who buy and use metaverse contents and apps as well as those who create and sell/share metaverse content in XVerse World. The developers are those who build and service apps on Xverse World. The advertisers could be anyone or any company who want to advertise in Xverse World. The H/W makers are companies who manufacture metaverse-related devices. Metaverse content can be provided in a variety of different formats, ranging from simple formats such as images and audios to more sophisticated formats such as games and applications. Furthermore, there are many different devices that permit the use of metaverse content such as AR/VR glasses.

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