Decorate the world
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The All-In-One Blockchain Platform for
Real-Time Metaverse Community and Your Digital Twin

In the world of Xverse, more participants can create and share AR &VR content together based on their experiences, skills, and content by applying the world’s most advanced AR / VR SDK.

All-In-One Toolbox for Metaverse!

Studio / SDK

Essential AR / VR features you want to creat and your users want.


A tool to create, manage, and monitor your AR / VR content.


Curate contents to fit your users needs.


Buy / Sell your digital assets such as images, audio, video, 3D contents, 3D video, AR / VR stickers, games items, etc.

Xverse Solutions for

Metaverse Applications


Metaverse Game

The points used in the metaverse game are converted into XVC Xverse crypto currency and used to buy and sell game assets.

Metaverse Shopping

Retailers engage their customers, create a more interactive shopping experience, and help their products stand out by using AR / VR software to provide virtual try-ons.

Metaverse Event

In the metaverse world, you can easily participate in famous performances and exhibitions with people in a non-face-to-face virtual space as if you are actually participating.

Metaverse Social Network Service

COVID-19 pandemic has made many changes in human encounters. Now it becomes natural to discover and meet various people in a virtual space.

Metaverse On-Demand Service

The world of digital twins in which on-demand services in virtual spaces occur as in real life will soon come.

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